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Selling your home? We’ve created some tips and tricks to make sure your property shows at its maximum potential!

Make Small Fixes:

Do a complete walkthrough of every room in your house through a buyer’s eyes, and make a list of the things that could be improved. If you can, correct the flaws that are most visible (if affordable) or those that can be relatively easily fixed—from repairing cracks in the walkways to repainting dingy walls or oiling creaky hinges.

Set a Price:

Most real estate agents will give you a market analysis free of charge or commitment. Feel free to invite more than one agent to meet with you to get a broader picture of the market, then ask to see listings for properties similar to yours that have sold in the past six months. Be sure to check out comparable listings yourself in the real estate section of your newspaper or on websites. Then, decide whether you want a quick, easy sale or if you’re willing to wait for the highest possible price.

Clean and De-clutter:

Weed out excess furniture, knickknacks, toys, and “stuff”—toss it, donate it, give it away, lend it to a friend, sell it at a yard sale, or put it into storage so the house seems more spacious.  Consider putting away personal items such as photographs, kids’ artwork, diplomas or collections so buyers can imagine themselves living there.

Decide Whether to Perform a Pre-listing Inspection:

It may save you time, especially with older homes, to identify and potentially solve problems your buyer’s inspection will discover later.

Stay Vigilant About Maintenance:

From the moment you start showing your house, keep the lawn mowed, shrubs trimmed, gardens weeded, and keep your rooms spotless and clutter-free so you’re always ready for a last-minute showing.

Ready Your Home for Show Days:

Be proactive and speak with your real estate professional before the open house to set ground rules and identify ways to protect yourself and your property.

Hide pocketable valuables and securely store anything with your personal information, like credit card statements and receipts. Consider displaying fresh flowers or bowls of fruit, bake a batch of cookies for the homey smell, open the drapes, turn on the lights, keep pets out of sight, and stay quietly in the background (or leave, if a real estate agent is showing your property).

Consider Consulting a Lawyer:

If you do hire a lawyer, make sure he or she has real estate experience and is accustomed to working on real estate transactions.

Start Organizing for Your Move:

Once the sale is final, we’ll provide you with a Moving Checklist to help you hire movers, order supplies, and pack up your belongings.

Ready to get your home on the market? Get in touch with us today and we’ll get started!

Scott Masters
Owner, Masters Real Estate Group